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League of Legends Noob Guide

We've all been the new guy before. You're just beginning to play a new RPG and you have no idea that RPG stands for role playing game.

Your friends are laughing at you because while they're mentioning spawning and attack points, you're just standing there holding a weapon and trying to remember which team is yours. It's horrendous being the noob, but be assured this League of Legends Noob guide will help you out for these trying times of initiation into the game.

League of legends is one of the most popular free for all worldwide role playing games out on the market now. It’s a fun-filled, action packed world where you and your team have to fight an opposing team and try to destroy their Nexus. You buy sweet items in game.

If it already sounds Greek, let me try this another way. Think of the nexus as the military base camp. You and your team are sent to destroy the base camp and therefore disarm the opposing team.

Of course, it is much more in depth than that. There are game maps to choose from and characters with different strength and skills. IP points to play with and gold to be earned. A full League of Legends guide explains it all.

As with any new endeavor, every noob needs advice. A League of Legends glossary teaches you all of the game lingo needed to understand what your friends are talking about when they refer to rune pages and IP points. When you’re on a team there will be shorthand versions of technical game terms that you’ll need to know in order to help out your team in the best possible way.

Another piece of advice I can give you as a beginner to League of Legends is to watch the game first. Don’t just jump in and think you know what you’re doing. Watch your friends play and ask questions as they go along. The LoL strategy guide allows you to become much more familiar with the language of the game as well. You will learn what strengths and weaknesses which characters have and helpful tips on strategy and attack.

Playing League of Legends requires time and effort put into learning about the game beforehand. A good League of Legends guide will give you the advantage you need over other noobs and will teach you what you need to know.

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